Elequen Megan General is an exuberant 23-year-old singer/songwriter professionally known by her mononymous stage name, Elequen.

She got her start in the entertainment industry back in 2000 when she began modelling, landing herself in magazines, art books, educational books, and much more. Her passion for performing arts took her even further in to the late 2000’s with modelling and acting roles for the 2012 Olympic Commercials, Canada’s Wonderland Campaign, IMAX Campaign, and even landing her on a billboard.

While pursuing her modeling and acting career she was quietly perfecting her craft as a singer/songwriter, writing catchy melodies and emotive lyrics, teaching herself to record her demos, hitting whistle notes made famous by Mariah Carey, and performing for audiences reaching over 4,000 people.

Today, she is collaborating with producer Akeel Henry and songwriter Khadijah Lopez. Her upcoming EP, best described wholly as "feel good music", captivates listeners with it’s pop-infused, R&B rooted songs intertwined with intriguing lyrics.

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